Friday, March 7, 2008

Time for Karin to Say Good bye (sniff, sniff...)

After a month of travelling, Karin's holiday has come to an end. She is feeling melancholy about leaving this warm, sunny island but is anxious to see her family, fur babies and friends (but not the snow!).

After visiting 4 states, she is leaving from Sydney and has experienced a small glimpse of the fun, easy going life that the Australians live. The pride in their country and environment is endearing. The Sydney harbour front is amazing. It is fun to take ferries to different parts of the city which is a departure from our lifestyle (snow mobiles, skis, snow shoes - ha ha).

Tonight we will have a final meal with Tobi and Michelle at Level 41, a restaurant with panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour at night. We have lots of pictures to share and to help remind us of the wonderful time we've had. I feel a scrapbook coming on! (even bought special Australian paper). Love to you all. See you soon.

To be continued by Lisa......alone....


Steven and Michael said...

welcome home Karin - sorry to see you have to leave - but just remember - you can always go back!!!!! (next time Michael and I will join you!)

Can't wait to see your pics - as Lisa is sometimes a little slow at sharing hers!!! hehe
Travel safe wife - looking forward to seeing you and getting my fix of LISA! It's been a while

Anonymous said...

Lisa..what happened after Karin left?