Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sydney Blues

Wow, is Sydney ever blue! Blue water and blue skies are just everywhere. After Karin's departure, I welcomed several days of rest and relaxation. We did little more than drink bubbles, lunch at a cafe on the beach and relax with the pets in the garden.

Sydney is a World Class city with all the benefits of arts, culture, history, excellent restaurants and cafes but with the beauty of coastal scenery and a beach playground around every hairpin turn. From blue sky and coastal road, you find yourself at the blue water of a gorgeous Paris and London in my books.

Our last evening dinner with Karin was highlighted by a lovely dinner with panoramic views of Sydney from the 41st floor with the dramatics of a rainstorm accompanied by .lightening and thunder. It was fantastic!

I am pleased to report that I have not seen a single rain cloud or rain drop since that night and have enjoyed the 27C sunshine. I can't wait to see what Toronto will greet me with on my return. I have heard horror stories of the "Winter From Hell".

Michelle took me on a tour of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, her place of birth and where her homeland heart can be found. I have seen Bondi, Manly, Curl Curl, Freshie, Palm, Avalon, Narabeen, name only a few. I wish I had time to swim them all. I enjoyed watching the new sport of Kite Surfing, a cross between para sailing and surfing and water skiiing...what a life some people have!

We had the opportunity to spend the day on a 56foot cruiser boat on Pittwater, the sheltered waters behind the northern beaches. We went swimming on a few beaches and had few glasses on a fine sunny day.
In between all of that I have been to lunch with Michelle's mom Barbara, BBQ with friends and brekkie with more friends and shopping in Sydney. It has been nice and relaxing, something I have not done in a long time.

After shopping in the Paddington markets this fine day, me and Tobi are off to do the dusk Sydney Bridge Climb!! We are going to walk to top of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. We start at 4:45 after we are suited up and strapped in. I guess I should write one more entry to let you all know how it went!


Nanook said...

Rain. I think you're coming home to rain. And the big melt. Look at the bright side. You had 7 weeks of one kind of water, now you get to have more!!
Winter from hell? 190-odd cm of snow? nah. no army either!
Cheers, mate! Nanook

Nicola said...

I think you should be writing for a travel magazine because I am about to move to Australia.

Sia said...

Hey Lisa,

Did you ever find the "sexiest" cabana boy?

I ditto what Nicola wrote!!