Saturday, March 22, 2008

Skyhigh from the Sydney Bridge

After 2 hours of walking and 1300 steps, Tobi and me summited the great Sydney Harbour Bridge. It may not be as great a feat as Nepal's Everest or Africa's Kilimanjaro but it was a wonderful experience hosting incredible views of a world class harbour city. Since I have climbed Kilimanjaro, I can assure you it was a helluva lot easier! No training required.

We did have to pass a breathalyzer (my 2nd one in this country) What is it with Aussie's and their breathalyzers?! We had to shed our own clothing for these dowdy grey blue suits. The were not a Sydney fashion statement. My favourite part was walking over the grated floors to look down at the ocean and street pavement below. That sent a thrill of excitement through my bones and almost sent Tobi running! Fortunately, we were also chained to the bridge with safety equipment. This was the ultimate Sydney view.

We did the dusk climb so we got to watch the sunset on a Saturday evening over Sydney.....ahhhh. Cameras were not allowed so all we have is the tourist photo for evidence.

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